IndEx is dedicated to negotiating for our members and maximizing their purchasing power and cost savings on everyday operational expenses.



IndEx is committed to promoting our Vendor Partner Services to our membership to increase their sales opportunities.



IndEx is motivated to leverage great savings and through continued participation and growth, IndEx will be able to offer even greater discounts on a wider variety of products and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ?

IndEx (Industry Exchange Group) is a division of the National Service Cooperative, The Leader in Foodservice Equipment Repair since 1994. The goal of IndEx is the promotion of vendor services to our membership while enhancing the sales opportunities of those vendors.

Do I have to be associated with the Foodservice Equipment Repair Industry to become a member?

No. Even though a majority of our vendors are focused in Foodservice Equipment Repair we offer many other programs that will cross over into other industries.

How much will my membership to cost?

There are no dues or fees to become a member of IndEx. In addition there are no minimum levels of program or buying participation.

Do I have to sign any contract for membership?

There are no contract terms for membership in IndEx. Some of our vendors may require a contract for their programs and those contracts would be between your company and the vendor directly.

Once I become a member how do I get started?

Once you become a member, IndEx will provide to our Vendors your company contact information. When you choose the vendor programs that you wish to participate in, we encourage you to contact each National Account Manager letting them know you are a new member.

How do I become a Member or Vendor of ?

To become a Member or Vendor just click below and complete the requested information.

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